Just How Rich Is Ogopa Rapper Baby One?

February 11, 2014

babSudanese rapper Baby One has come out to clear the air on where exactly his money comes from.
In an recent interview with The Standard, Baby one revealed that his lavish lifestyle is not funded by his father as most people have been claiming. In fact, he revealed that he made his first million back in 2007.
“Many people think that my lavish life is funded by my father but that is not the case. I made my first million back in 2007 through government supplies, and since then, I have never looked back.”
“I do government contracts and tenders for South Sudan besides other businesses. Whatever clean business I can make a coin through, I do. Right now I’m supplying food and I’m about to sign an oil deal.”
He however refused to disclose how many millions he was worth citing security reasons.
“No, I can not disclose my worth for security reasons, but I am rich. Music is a means of communication. I entertain my fans with my songs. Besides, I just love the good life.”
The rapper is about to acquire a 36 million shilling house in Lavington and has a  range rover 2014 currently in the high seas.
“I have a 2014 Range Rover in the high seas. And a Lamborghini will follow before the end of this year,” he concluded.

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