Open Letter By Habida To Her Haters

February 5, 2014

habida_on_the_micHabida shot to the limelight after her collaboration with music heavy weight Nameless in the song sunshine. Unlike many one hit wonders, Habida did not stop there. She went on to do ‘my reason’ featuring Cannibal and her other song Girl’s night out enjoyed massive airplay in local and international radio stations.
Somebody said that as long as you are a celebrity, people are going to find negative things to say about you, whether you do bad or good. Habida can testify to this. Unlike other celebrities who opt to go on with their livess if nothing has happened, she has not taken the negative comments lying down. The outspoken singer addressed her haters on her blog.
The letter goes;

To the negative fan,
All I want to say is artists are people like everyone out there, and when you throw negative comments at us, it’s not something that builds up but breaks down. I know artists are always advised not to respond to negative comments, cause you cant please everyone! But guess what? i’m not trying to and I never have, but i thought huh let me say how i feel (as i always do). I’m just being me and so are several other artists out there, as well as everyone on the planet! Difference is our lives are in the spot light.
Im sure you don’t just walk up to a friend or classmate or work mate and say; man I think you suck or, your presentation sucked or you look horrible today! I believe in positivity and building up whoever I come in contact to. I always do my best to be a blessing where I can. This is why I write so I can influence in a positive way, Show love folks ugly is really just ugly. Do you and stop worrying about they!
Lastly; Honestly you will never really know the artists personality, heart,likes, dislikes, just like its just as hard to know a friend you see everyday.
So if you don’t really have constructive criticism or honest feedback and all you say is negative @$%^ then here is a saying my mother used to say: “if you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all”
We work hard and I guess until someone does a reality tv show that shows the hours put in and not all the pampering and stuff then you’ll never know!
From and Artist!
P.S. I sent a letter to all my fans earlier in the year and i thought….. lets not leave out the negative folks! Just for you.

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