Grandpa Records CEO Rafigah Laughs off Extortion Claims

February 25, 2014

GRANDPAFollowing rumours and allegations of extortion at GrandPa records, CEO Refigah has come out to defend the stable, saying the allegations are all rubbish. He told Pulse that the stable’s transactions are all transparent and are readily available for anyone who would want to have a look.
“Grandpa has an office and there’s a manager and receptionist, and everyone gets an official receipt for whatever transactions we make. If someone is extorting money, whoever has the complaint should take the matter to the police.”
The allegations originated from Tom, from the duo Majirani. He had claimed that he is yet to receive any money from his song Hivo ndio kunaendaga which he featured Kenrazy. Allegedly, Kenrazy has been bagging the money from shows and royalties.
“The song is mine. I wrote all the three verses, paid for the production and the video and even for the dancers, yet it is like I’m the one featuring on it, which is very unfair. Everyone knows the song as Kenrazy’s song. Not mine,” Tom said told Pulse.
“The thing is, Refigah advised me to run with Kenrazy’s fame, which would push the songs popularity. I don’t have any issue with that. The problem is that Grandpa is selling the song as Kenrazy’s and I am yet to receive any money from any concerts or music tune companies, yet Kenrazy is performing it and they are making money from it,” says Majirani.
Speaking on the issue, Refigah said, “If they have any truth, why are they afraid to bring it out. Let them speak out and I will answer back with facts.”
Additional reporting by Pulse.

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