Tujuane Moves To NTV

January 28, 2014

tujuPopular dating TV show Tujuane will be moving to NTV. The show will air on Tuesdays at 8PM, same time as it was airing on KTN.
The Tujuane crew has been looking for a new home for some time now and they only settled on NTV after a bidding fight among three of Kenya’s major TV stations NTV, KTN and K24. NTV bid the highest and was offering a reasonable size of audience.
K24 was offering a slightly smaller audience than the crew was expecting and so they decided to opt out. The show should premiere this February.
Tujuane has been attracting a lot of controversy and attention on social media and was definitely among the most watched local shows in 2013.
The show is all about romance, dating and hook-ups with unknown people. It has become Kenya’s top and probably only dating show and has gathered a lot of followers online. Some of the most interesting episodes have created celebrities out of nobodies. The most memorable being Mirfat Musa and Eda Atieno episodes.
Not surprisingly, both stories were among the top 10 most read stories on Nairobi Wire last year.
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