This is The Lady on KTN’s Tujuane Who Pissed Everyone Off

February 24, 2013

If you missed Tujuane last week, then you’re probably wondering what everyone is talking about. Here’s a breakdown. George is a Director of Photography, Mirfat is a production assistant at Imagine Pictures.

Her full name is Mirfat Musa and how did she get on Tujuane? She applied; something you do if you love adventure, or have seriously lacked someone. Watching the show will make you rule out one.

Her arrogance only took a few seconds to show up. She gave the poor boy a piece of her mind when he suggested she orders fries. “Do I look like eating fries?” she asked. 
As they were introducing themselves, the lady was quick to point out that she works for Julie Gichuru among others. 
The fact that her date was a mere Director of Photography at a little known company, made her terrorize the poor guy the whole time.
Yes George was at times a pain in the ass, but Mirfat made him come out as a saint. 

The lady’s confidence was oozing uncontrollably, and she did not for once avoid eye contact, unlike George. She even threatened to pick her bag and leave if George continued being shy. This had a visibly devastating effect on George, who now started stammering and making little word sense.

At the end, Mirfat paid the bill (including George’s), picked up her bag and left the poor guy talking to himself, and as one viewer tweeted, “God’s gift to humanity had left.”

Even before the show aired, she had already started giving her Twitter followers a sneak preview. Here’s what she tweeted in response to George’s claim that he’s ‘dark and handsome’.

@winny4 ati dark n handsome…plizzz…ghetto ishhh
— Mirfat Musa (@mirfat_musa) February 21, 2013


And below is what people thought about her.

Someone tell this chic her type of dude doesn’t exist #tujuane

This girl will be single for a very long time #Tujuane .Take this to muramati sacco and get a loan

If you know this chiq in real life PRIS tell her to step down from her imaginary high horse.. #Tujuane”

Cute face Ugly personality #Tujuane

#tujuane this girl will be single for a very very very long time.

Dude, Yo just seated there? Yu aint serious! #Tujuane slap her face,pour water in that food,pay the bill nd walk away

This chiq is an Arsenal fan – Pang’ang’a #Tujuane

You need 5 yrs of dryspell to get featured in #tujuane

The guy should stab her in the face to see if she has healing capabilities #Tujuane

Remind me to carry weapons if I ever end up on #Tujuane

There’s just no polite way to describe that chic on tujuane #tujuane

Walahi i could have gone pistorius with that fork all over her face #tujuane

I thought Eastlando guys are tough?#tujuane that guy was whoped!

That Chick can go and date her teddy bears…!! Puhhhh….. #Tujuane

This chiq better pray we don’t meet anywhere around south c coz m going to give her the middle finger #tujuane

Just coz you work 4 julie gichuru doesnt make you her…nktt…kujidai juu umetoka south c #Tujuane

I should be hooked up with that girl #Tujuane,I feel like it is necessary, Mau Mau did not die for this

#Tujuane Susan went a little bit overboard her Ego was inflamed by the guy’s weakness but she needs to know Creditcard is 21st Century!

Enyewe this guy is an arsenal fun… Hiyo uvumilivu ni mostest… #tujuane…

@juliegichuru there is a certain lady on #Tujuane today who claims to work for you. !!”

@juliegichuru Can you confirm whether you’ve an employee (Mildred) who featured in #Tujuane?

I wonder, was Mbusi was watching #Tujuane tonight. Kuna mjinga jinga nga, diva di vava anahitaji nyakhunyo!

Here’s the episode.


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