The Most Successful Movie Studios Of 2013

January 6, 2014

We talk a lot about movies here — those that bomb on the weekly and that do well over the course of the year.
At the end of 2013, how did each studio fare? We took a look at the seven biggest movie studios of 2013 — Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, Sony, Fox, and Lionsgate.
Despite Disney’s billion dollar “Iron Man” film, Warner Bros. became the top-grossing studio for the year with $5 billion worldwide at theaters.
Below, we’ve outlined the five biggest movies for each studio in 2013:
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Warner Bros.: $5 billion
1. “Man of Steel”: $662.8 million
2. “Gravity”: $653.3 million
3. “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”: $633.1 million
4. “Pacific Rim”: $407.6 million
5. “The Hangover Part III”: $351 million


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