‘Obsessions’ Girl is Now a Mum

January 30, 2014

One of the girls in the all girl group ‘Obsessions’ famous for the hit song Jangu, Cleopatra Koheirwe, welcomed a baby girl in Nairobi last week.

Cleopatra gave birth on Wednesday, and her excitement took her to social media.

“On 22nd January 2014 at exactly 1.30pm, Lwanda & I welcomed our healthy baby girl, Aviana Twine Jawar, into the world. Thx to all our friends & family for your prayers. I had a natural birth & all the pain was worth it! THANK U GOD!”

Besides being a singer, Cleopatra plays Jakki in the Africa Magic TV series, Kona. She is also a radio presenter in Uganda.
 Congratulations from us.

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