Kenyans on Twitter Roast Miss Tourism Kakamega…Here’s Why

November 6, 2013

Yesterday, photos of the ladies who hold the Miss Tourism title for the various counties were released. Of all the models, Miss Tourism Kakamega received the most attention. 

As we all know, social media has become the place where real sissies grow balls. The freedom of writing anything from the comfort of your sitting room and not account to anybody was once again misused yesterday.

From the hundreds of tweets about the model, some of them too harsh to be posted here, many were not impressed by Kakamega’s selection… and they did not have kind words for Miss Tourism Kakamega.

Here are some of the tweets.

But miss Kakamega…her shoes should’ve contested instead.( ..)- @Njoora_Jnr 

Kumbe all the beautiful girls I see around kakamega are not locals. – @Shariff_Mugiira 

kwani unauza huyo miss tourism model wa kakamega RT @kebubu: Viatu na beeiii, viatu na beeiii. .hahah – @njiiru 

Miss Kakamega ndio darkskin Amber Rose wa Kenya. – @mikeztyme 

y’all stop hating on that kakamega fella, he is someone’s son. – @freaky_neezy 

But Kakamega has fine ladies that man was desperately looking for fame.Labda ata ni Makena Wanyonyi.”” – @Danfar_ 

The problem is that Miss Tourism Kakamega was held on Halloween. – @Chromosome_Y 

Huyo miss tourism model wa kakamega county atakuwa bouncer kwa hiyo event.” – @njiiru 

OK on behalf of Kakamega county, I want to categorically deny and distance the county from that flawed miss Kakamega beauty pageant! – @amerix 

Miss kakamega will win the title coz of all this attention we are giving him.” – @njiiru 

Huyo miss kakamega anakaa ametoka kupigania ugali… – @BillNyabera 

Miss Kakamega’s tactic for winning was scaring away her competition – @DjByHandle 

miss kakamega must be a close relative to Bacary Sagna – @joseh_254 

Miss Kakamega atatoa mask mpate ni Atwoli. – @madkisii 

 It’s all fun and games till miss Kakamega actually wins miss Kenya.. – @Moseti_ 

Flour has been poured to finish Miss Kakamega. – @madkisii 

TOURISTS- Jambo sana, karibu Kakamega hakuna madada.. – @Man__Kena 

kakamega is the jkuat of counties. – @Mufatari 

Miss Kakamega ni croissant aina gane maze? Ametandika yake yote – @David_Cnr_ 

The judges at Miss kakamega must have stared at the solar eclipse for too long” – @TheKimutai 

Miss Kakamega won because she donated all her beauty to charity –  ‏@madkisii 

Miss tourism kakamega ako na inner beauty, maybe hao judges walikuwa surgeons.” – @njiiru 

Miss Kakamega ako na permanent halloween costume – @_C_hacha 

If that Miss Kakamega is the winner how do the losers look? – ManuKimani

See the PHOTOS of all Miss Tourism per county HERE.

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