All The Memorable Quotes From Tusker Project Fame 6

November 19, 2013

Tusker Project Fame 6 Quotes

·   “Today, the work begins” Judge Ian .  

·  “Words! Words! Words! You need to have your words!” Victor Seii

·    “The voice is our instrument… and it is unique because you can articulate words with it. Drums and pianos can’t do that.” Coach Kavutha.

·    “Have fun… enjoy! If you want people to enjoy themselves, you have to feel it!” Coach Edu.

·    “Think about economy of movement… Less is more!”

Principal Eric .

·    “It is tiring but we are here for each other… helping each other out!”

Josh (Amos and Josh).

·   “We expect them to work hard and keep their spirits up. Being on probation isn’t a bad thing. You can go home or you can use it to your benefit.” Coach Kavutha.

·   “You must plan to breathe properly. It is a plan. If the lyrics can be writen down, so can the breath marks. ”Voice Coach Kavutha.

·   “We gain from the whole faculty… in equal measure.” Nyambura

·   “To be honest, I don’t know why you are on probation.” Coach Kavutha to Phionah.

·   “A singer can sing any song… It may not fit your optimum style but any song is fair game.” Coach Kavutha .

·   “You must make sure that you hold the microphone properly.”

Coach Kavutha .

·  “We have come a long way and there is still much more to go.”

Amos (Amos and Josh).

·  “I have no advice for this probation old boy. But for the rest, the advice started last night.” Fess talking about Bior.

·  “I know Saturday must happen… it is a competition… I want to show myself but I don’t know to do it.” Nyambura.

·  “Rehearse well and it will become part of you… you may need to act a little, but rehearsal is key” Coach Edu.

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