Shebesh’s Phone Bugged.. Is She Raila’s Mole in Government?

October 4, 2013

Yesterday, news broke that Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and Women rep Rachael Shebesh had fought again on Tuesday night at Parliament bar, 5 days after their first fight left her nursing an arm injury.

The reason for their fight on Thursday last week is still unknown, but somehow the Star newspaper got hold of some inside information on the reason for their second.

Apparently, the paper has some audio recordings showing that the two were quarrelling over former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. 
Sonko was angry that Shebesh has been discussing President Uhuru with Raila and one of his allies, Rosa Buyu. Buyu unsuccessfully ran for the Kisumu West parliamentary seat.

“I have warned you before about discussing the President and government issues with Raila. What is this you are doing?,” Sonko is heard asking Shebesh as he confronted her in Parliament with recordings of her phone calls. 

Reportedly, Shebesh was shell shocked that Sonko had details of a private phone conversation.
It is not clear how Sonko or the Star obtained the recordings.

In one recording, Shebesh and Buyu are heard discussing Uhuru’s performance during the prayers breakfast at KICC on Tuesday for the victims of the Westgate terror attack.
“I’m beginning to like my President. Did you see how he was today?,” Shebesh is heard telling Buyu in the conversation.

In another recording, Shebesh is heard talking about some people in Jubilee who do not like Raila, yet she says it would be good for Jubilee to work with the Cord leader.
She told Buyu that some Jubilee people are uncomfortable with Raila because they fear he will overshadow Deputy President William Ruto.

Still in the recording, Shebesh is heard complaining that the Director of Public Prosecution Keriako Tobiko, was not supporting her in her slapping case against Kidero.
She tells Buyu that she was with Tobiko’s sister at that very moment.

The Star reports that Shebesh was left sobbing after the bitter midnight exchange with Sonko.

Following these revelations, many questions will be asked, in private and in public, on where Shebesh’s loyalty lies, and whether she is an ODM mole in Jubilee.. 

However, the most important question should be, who bugged Shebesh’s phone?
Or did the mobile service provider issue the recording?
Or was it the National Intelligence service?

Additional reporting by the Star

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