AUDIO – Here is That Jose The Witnesser Gotcha Call on KISS 100… Hilarious

October 11, 2013

Last week, Jose the Witnesser was pranked really good by Shaffie Weru, on Kiss 100’s Gotcha call.
Shaffie made the call pretending to be a forensic investigator at the Westgate mall. He said that he was calling from the National Intelligence Service. “…We were told you were the witnesser” he asked, to which Jose replied in the affirmative. 

If you remember, Jose appeared on TV as an eye witness at Westgate, during the terrorist attack. 

The serial witness seems to have swallowed Shaffie’s bait, and when it was finally revealed to him that he was on Radio, a relieved Jose went into a religious frenzy, even speaking in tongues… Who knew he could do that.
Listen to the audio.

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