This Kikuyu Twitter User Smells Like a Terrorist.. He Says a Woman Mujahideen Is Commandeering Westgate

September 23, 2013

A Twitter user, @Kamau_Muhamad, has been tweeting very suspicious messages about the Westgate attack. 
Muhamad Kamau Maina is what he calls himself, but we cannot know if that is actually it. Since Saturday, he has been tweeting information only an Al-Shabaab insider would possess. 

His first tweet was of the destruction caused on non-muslims at Westgate Mall.

Kuffar experiencing doom destraction today @hsm_press #westgate 

Kuffar is a highly derogatory Arabic term used to refer to non-Muslims.

These are some of his other tweets, including one where he claims that a woman is commanding the terrorists.

mujahideen demonstrate high level expertise and capability today @ #westgate @HSM_PRESS 

kuffar last cowardly option is to wait for the mujahideen @ #westgate to runout of ammo 

kuffar @ #westgate fall into defence manouver, the mujahideen were well trained 

mujahiden sniper in @ #westgate has been able with high precision and accuracy kill kuffar encamping around the mall @hsm_press 

todays iconic attack @ #westgate shall forever remain in memory, returns 4 invasion 

kenyans started the madness the mujahidin are just returning the favour #westgate 

the #westgate spectacle commandeered by a well trained female mujahid . they are well supplied and have taken strategic positions inside 

#westgate is a fort like construct, the kdf firepower counts for nothing. they should beg for mercy” 

By the end of the #westgate spectacle kenyans will have forgotten the horrors of August 1998

And to prove he’s Kikuyu as his name suggests, he tweeted in the language.

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