Jose The Witnesser (Ni Kama Ndrama) Was Also At Westgate

September 23, 2013

Eye witness, Jose The Witnesser, famous of his “Ni kama ndrama, ni kama vindio” phrase, was again an eye witness at Westgate Mall on Saturday.

…So walikuwa wezi kwa gari, me I was there Pare kwa car wash. I witnessed ni kama ndrama ni kama vindeo. 

That was what he told a Citizen TV journalist several months ago. Following the virality of the interview, Jose became so big that he was invited for more interviews. 
Churchill hosted him on his show, and so did several vernacular radio stations. The sky was the limit for him. He promised to release an album, completely oblivious of the reason why people loved him.

After many months of silence, Jose reappeared on TV this Saturday. 


He was interviewed by K24 and KTN, where he described how he had gone for shopping before all hell broke loose.  “Me I just lan (run) away. Am waiting for my servant. Am very safety”.
He also gave some contradicting accounts, at one point claiming he was inside when the terrorist attacked, and the other he was outside when it happened.

Following his presence at Westgate, Jose is either Kenya’s official serial “witnesser”, or just a guy who takes fellow Kenyans for fools.


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