SHOCKING VIDEO – Pregnant Bungoma Woman Delivers on The Floor, As Nurses Slap and Insult Her

September 4, 2013

In one of the most horrific incident caught on camera, a woman was recorded giving birth on a cold dirty floor at the Bungoma District Hospital.

KTN last night aired the exclusive video.

Apparently, the pregnant woman’s delivery time arrived, but no nurse was around. Some women went around looking for nurses, who instead of rushing to the ward, took their time. By the time they arrived, the woman’s baby was half-way out.
Then, in one the most inhumane acts, the nurses started hurling insults and slapping the woman for messing up the floor. They still did not assist her with the delivery.

After the child was completely out, they took it away from her, and told her to walk to the delivery room for the final procedures.

The video was taken by another expectant mother, who after witnessing that, instructed her husband to take her to another hospital.

The hospital however denied any wrong doing, saying that it is understaffed. 

Here’s the blurred video.


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