Citizen TV Feature – 14 Year Old Unapologetic Gangsters of Dandora

July 1, 2013

On Sunday, Citizen TV aired a shocking news feature of some Dandora kids who took up armed robbery, rape and other crimes, at a tender age of 14.  

One woman recounted how she was raped on her way from raving. 
The 17 year old leader of the gang called ‘Amsterdam’, was interviewed on TV, and he sounded very unapologetic, trying to justify why they were doing it. He wondered how the parents can fail to take care of their girls and what the ladies could be doing outside at night. He commands about 50 teenagers. 

Another member of the gang recounted what happens when they abduct a girl. Apparently, they lock her in a house, and rape her in turns. They take two or three girls at a time, and may hold them for weeks or even months.
Bhang, as Omari* (the leader) recounted, is their morale booster.
He talks of how he lives life by the day, and is ready to die anytime.

Watch the video below.


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