Churchill Show’s Chipukeezy Asks President Uhuru For His Daughter Ngina’s Hand in Marriage

July 16, 2013

As President Uhuru hosted the media at Statehouse this past Friday, Churchill show comedian and Kiss 100 radio presenter Vinny Chipukeezy, grabbed this moment and asked the president a private question.. very private.

“I won’t ask you a question about the government or Kiss 100, I want to ask you a personal question.” he asked.
To which the president replied, “Sawa niulize.”

The comedian continued, “
“Since nikuje hapa nimeangalia nikacheki cheki and then nikajiambia, I need to ask you this, in short tukakua mabeste na Ngina kunaweza kua na mambo? (Since I came here I have pondered on how to ask you this, if I was to befriend Ngina could there be a problem?)


After some laughter, the President Uhuru said,
“Nafikiria umechelewa upande hiyo, ungekuja awali. Umechelewa. (I think you are late, if you would have asked earlier…)”

Still determined to be part of the first family, Chipukeezy chose another avenue.
He asked the president, “Apart from Otonglo, I think I’m the next talented guy so I was thinking, could you adopt me, I mean…” 
And again they laughed.

Additional reporting by the STAR

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