For the umpteenth time, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania came to the rescue of Annabel Mbaru, who was up for eviction last week.
Annabel garnered 3 votes, just like she has, all those past weeks.

Zimbabwe’s Pokello was not as lucky, and so was Sierra Leone’s Bassey. 
This is how Africa voted.

Angola: Angelo
Botswana: Angelo
Ghana: Pokello
Kenya: Annabel
Ethiopia: Dillish
Malawi: Dillish
Namibia: Dillish
Nigeria: Bassey
South Africa: Angelo
Sierra Leone: Bassey
Tanzania: Annabel
Uganda: Annabel
Zambia: Angelo
Zimbabwe: Pokello
Rest of Africa: Angelo

Total: Angelo = 5; Annabel = 3; Dillish = 3, Pokello = 2, Basssey = 2. (Total: 15 Votes)

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