Caroline Mutoko Off To Harvard For Further Studies

June 2, 2013

Kiss 100 presenter Caroline Mutoko is in the US for a short course at the Harvard Business School. The controversial presenter landed in Boston on Friday, and according to her, she is fired up for the next few days in school.

We are made to understand that she has enrolled for a leadership program at the prestigious university, and should be back in a few days. 
Mutoko has changed her Facebook Cover picture to a Harvard Business School signage. 
Yesterday, she posted several pictures of Boston scenery, soon after informing her fans what she was doing in America. 
This was her post earlier in the day.

Landed in Boston on Friday at mid-day and first off I’d like to send a big shout out to KQ and their sky alliance partner Delta, for making the journey amazingly bearable. Hey, even my luggage arrived. I checked through to Boston from JKIA and my bag followed me.
Asante sana KQ

I also need to say a big thank you to the Consular section at the US Embassy for putting up with me. You’ve got to admire the way they sit back and make you go through the process but gladly keep pointing out where you go wrong and make you do it right. Eishhh. We’re not doing this again. Huku si rudi.

Anyhoo, I’ve had a chance to sleep, walk around alittle and even meet afew great people. The weather is amazing and I have to be honest that I’m as fired up for the next few days in school as I am nervous.

It’s 10:41am here and I’m-due at mass at 11am. Church is a 5min walk from here.

Miss you madly – look after yourself. Kisses.

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