After Cat Trapped in Jerrycan, Chick is Hatched With 3 Legs in Mombasa

May 2, 2013
Photo [Standard]

A poultry farmer in Bombolulu estate,Mombasa has received an unusual number of visitors, as residents flock to his home, to have a glimpse of a chick hatched with three legs. 

John Mwangi was surprised when he found out that one of the 100 day old chicks he recently bought, had three legs instead of two. “I have been in this business for the last five years and have never seen such a condition in a chick.” said Mwangi.

He added that the chick walks comfortably and behaves like the others despite the condition. His initial thoughts were that the chick will not survive for long, but the chick seems to be healthy, and it is in fact difficult to differentiate it from the rest.
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