OMG: KenGen Blames Monkey for Yesterday’s Nationwide Power Blackout

June 8, 2016

monkFor the better part of yesterday, the country was engulfed in darkness following a nationwide blackout.
Kenya Power released a statement claiming that a fault at Gitaru Power Station was responsible, leading Kenyans to ask how a single station can have such a devastating effect on the national grid.
However, as much as we like to blame Kenya Power for the frequent blackouts, KenGen takes the fall for this one.
In a press release, the electricity generating company admitted it was at fault, and had a very bizarre explanation.
Apparently, a monkey was responsible for sending the whole country into blackout. A single monkey, no kidding.
“At 1129 hours this morning, a monkey climbed on the roof of Gitaru Power Station and dropped onto a transformer tripping it..” read the statement.
Somehow, the primate had found its way through KenGen’s electric fencing and messed Tuesday for millions of Kenyans. 

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