11 Obvious Reasons Women Will Reject You On The First Date

May 19, 2013

#1 Bad Breath on a First Date 
Bad breath is the most uncomfortable feeling your date will have to endure all the time you open your mouth. There are men who suffer from bad breath and they may not be aware. If you would like to know if you have bad breath this post: How to identify and eliminate bad breath may be a MUST READ. Bad breath is the most obvious reason that will get you rejected on your first date.

# 2 Looking too Cheap
Kenyan women can never forgive you for looking cheap. You need to at least command some aura of class without overstating or overdoing it. You will not be forgiven for showing up on a first date dressed poorly. Just get yourself some decent clothes either some smart casual or official wear. You don’t have to strain to buy expensive ones to impress your first date. You just need to be smart and clean.

#3 Shunning away from Drinks and Food
If you are on a date and pretend you don’t want to eat or drink anything, this is a perfect turn off. Most guys who don’t eat on their first date don’t get a second date. You communicate that you are either broke i.e can’t afford to pay for both meals or you are just not yourself.

# 4 Showing up with Friends
You have probably heard this phrase time and again that ‘two is company, three is crowd’ No woman wants to be subjected to scrutiny on their first date. The fact that you come along with a friend implies you are either not confident or you want to seek your friend’s opinion. This is warming up to an automatic rejection.

# 5 Your Looks and Physique
Obviously all women out there have a figment of imagination of the kind of a man they are looking for. Should you fall short in one of her requirements you should be able to compensate with another. Looks is a relative word, you may not look like the Hollywood stars but may optimize your looks to make you irresistible to any woman you meet.

#6 You are too Touchy
No matter how confident you get, you may want to limit the number of indecent contacts that you make with your date. You should even strive to avoid body contact for the first date as a way of appearing chivalry. Most women will use this to measure your ability to cheat on them when you are in company of other women. Try to limit the touches or sexually suggestive touches whether you are comfortable with each other or not, at least for the first date. 

#7 You are Cocky in Speech
If you got to win women hearts you got to understand their code language, being cocky sounds interesting but on a first date it may border being offensive. You should take time to learn your date first before you can start talking in a cocky way.

# 8 You are Not Interesting
No matter how hard it is for you to be interesting, you should always have some ideas on how you can start a conversation especially when it dies off. Get some interesting ideas about the place you are on your first date. Women rate ‘Being Interesting’ as one of the most desirable qualities in a man.

#9 Bad Body Odor
This could probably have come second to bad breath since women will not forgive you for emitting bad body odors. You may want to try some colognes, deodorants and soaps that eliminate bad body odor. If it is persistent you should consider talking to a health care provider. Women will identify you by the way you smell. If you want success in dating you got to smell like successful people do.

# 10 You Talk about your Problems
Every one of us has his or her personal problems; the last place you may want to expose your inadequacies is on a first date.  Inexperienced men will talk about their family, health and financial problems on their first date thereby scaring the woman away.

#11 You Can’t Pay the Bills
It’s said that there is no romance without finance. If you want the former you got to look for the latter. An average date Nairobi will require you to have some cash for taxi, food, drinks and emergencies. Don’t be fooled women will never forgive you for lacking financially. Just be ready to pay the bills and enjoy your date. There is no shortcut here especially for a first date.

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