Shocking: How They’re Now Stealing on Nairobi Streets

March 21, 2013
This real it happened to me on Sunday. I went to town to buy a phone cover downtown. At the shops opposite Afya center or Ukwala and Tuskys, everywhere I went they kept asking me to show the phone despite the fact that I mentioned the make

I went to the final shop that was manned by a lady and she asked to see my phone and since she was a lady she gained my trust and gave her my phone. Just then she started moving out of the counter with my phone claiming she was going to ask at the back store.

Immediately my conscience refused and I asked her to give me my phone which she did. Just then a man rubbed my hand at the back and passed by showing me a phone, but since I don’t buy street items I ignored.

After about one minute I became very tired in my mind and all I wanted was sit down, I all of a sudden felt very drowsy.

Just then the lady returned and with a case that didn’t suit my phone, and she once again asked me to see my phone. Just when I was about to give her the phone, my son started crying saying he felt very tired and like vomiting, and immediately I held his hand and started walking away.

As we left with my son the lady told me to wipe off some white powder on the back of my hand exactly where the man had hit me. Luckily, we passed by my friends stall a few meters away and when we got there we both fell into deep sleep for about 10 min.

When I woke up and explained to my friend she gave us plenty of water to drink and said that’s the new trick they are using to rob you. She claimed the white powder is used to make your mind dull and in a slow mood, she said it’s a drug given to schizophrenia guys to make them less active.

When you breathe it your mind becomes dull and you respond without thinking to the demands of the person controlling you. THIS SHE HAS NOT CONFIRMED BUT HAS JUST HEARD GUYS SAYING SO.

Guys be careful when you go to town, I have not confirmed the medical use of the whitish powder but all I know is I lost my active thinking

Please share with your friends just in case its a cartel in town to reduce your active mind and steal from you.

@Dorcas Wanjiru

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