Uproar As Citizen TV Bans ‘You Guy’ From Its TV

January 3, 2013

Kenyans yesterday woke up to the news that Citizen TV had banned P-Unit’s smash hit “You Guy” from its playlist. Apparently, Royal Media Services decided that the song is too explicit to be played on prime television and it would no longer air it. 
Their statement in part read, 

“the video is too explicit for prime TV airing and while the show targets youthful adults, there is evidently a very young audience too due to the fact that it is an interesting show that also shows during hours when most working adults are not even home to watch any TV”

Whatever Citizen saw as explicit is still not clear, as watching the video reveals nothing out of the ordinary, and those are the sentiments many who commented on this move share. Below are some comments compiled from Facebook and Twitter.

So citizen Tv have banned the you guy video! (˘̯˘ ) anyway,who watches Citizen tv if not people who watch Papa shirandula 

so citizen tv says you guy is explicit.who again made you no.1?” Mafans wa sabuni na oga 

So Citizen Tv, have banned ‘You Guy’? I have it on my phone, Laptop and flash disk na #HakunaKituWatafanya” 

Citizen Tv bans the You Guy video.Guess some staff baga was found fapping to it.  

So glad Citizen Tv has banned the “You Guy” I can’t stand watching that video… 

Seriously. Ati Citizen TV has banned the video for ‘You Guy by P-Unit ft. Collo’? What a bad new year resolution that one

P-unit’s “you guy” banned from Citizen tv’s playlist., Booooooooooooooooo Citizen Tv, you suck!!  

apparently “you guy” is too explicit for citizen tv lol 

hio ni ufala that video is a bomb! whether they ban or burn it will still have access to it ala! Me Guy!

Citizen just wants more time to air Afro-cinema

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