Uhuru Kenyatta Is Kenya’s Next President: Venezuelan Prophet Proclaims

January 3, 2013
Prophet Dionny Baez

We have exactly 2 months till the general elections, and this is the time everyone transforms into a political analyst. For the next few weeks, everyone will give you reasons why his preferred candidate will win, and how he’ll do it. At this point, Uhuru and Raila’s supporters are sure of victory, with some confident of clinching it in the first round. The opinion polls are not helping the situation, as the two candidates each seem to have an edge from time to time, and from pollster to pollster. Logically speaking, the presidential election is too close to tell.

However, some in our midst are privileged to see what others don’t; the future. Renowned Venezuelan prophet Dionny Baez, has revealed who God has shown him to be Kenya’s fourth president. In 2007, he prophesied that Kibaki would retain the presidency and he was right. This time round, he believes he is right again. In a prophetic message delivered on 2nd December 2012, and uploaded on Youtube just last week, Baez tells worshipers at the World harvest International Church, Nairobi, that God has shown him that Kenya will get its next president from Mt Kenya. To quote his exact words, ” Those who have ears hear, the Lord says, you will look at the tallest mountain and find your next president.”

Mt Kenya or rather Central Kenya has 3 notable presidential candidates in this year’s election, Uhuru Kenyatta, Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth. Though the prophet did not reveal further details, we can safely eliminate Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth from the list, by virtual of them having little influence even in their own backyards. This therefore means that Prophet Baez was talking about Uhuru Kenyatta, and if his prediction comes to pass, then Uhuru Kenyatta may be Kenya’s 4th president.
The prophet further prophesied of another post election violence, with this time round more advanced weaponry including hand guns being used. He however said that the violence will be of lesser magnitude than the 2007/2008 one. Among his other prophesies delivered on 2nd December are:

1. Kenya will experience 17 years of acceleration after which it will be second to SA as an investment destination in Africa (vision 2030 comes to mind)

2.There will be an explosion in the telecommunication & tourism sector

3. Beginning April 2013, additional massive deposits of oil and gas will be discovered

4.We will have a born again president soon (not clear if it is the next)

5. The ICC cases will make the West to attack our sovereignty BIG time

6. MRC will rear its ugly head

7. There will be drastic changes in weather patterns precipitating drought

8. There will be election violence (pre & post) but of a lesser scale than 2007-2008’s yet this time the weapons used will be hand guns as opposed to machetes, stones like the previous one

9. An Asian oil company with a heavy presence in Nigeria will sign a mining contract with Kenya in 2013

10. Kenya will receive massive funding from European Development Fund to the tune of billions of dollars

11. EAC trade barriers will be removed; free trade within EA

12. China will do even more wonders especially infrastructure over the next 5 years

Embedded below is the video of the prophesy. Point your cursor to 1:20:10 for the ‘President From The Mountain’ proclamation.


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