Mutahi Ngunyi Declares Waititu Winner of Julie Gichuru’s Gubernatorial ‘Debate’ – Plus What Other Celebs Said

January 20, 2013

Last night, Julie Gichuru hosted Nairobi governor aspirants Evans Kidero and Ferdinand Waititu on Sunday Live. As the debate concluded on TV, another bigger debate started on social media. Everyone had reasons why their preferred candidate had won. However, most commentators leaned towards immediate former Embakasi lawmaker Ferdinand Waititu. Reading through online comments revealed that majority were supporting him, not because of his plan for Nairobi, but because Kidero came out as arrogant.
Simply put, Waititu played good politics, by staying calm and collected, and it portrayed him as if he was a victim of Kidero’s attacks. 

Celebrities and media personalities could not let this one go just like that. They too voiced their opinion. Mutahi Ngunyi cemented his Political Analyst role with a series of tweets, some of which were retweeted over 1000 times. Here is what they had to say. 

Kidero is ‘glasshouse’ Waititu is ‘grassroots’. Kidero should drop the ‘posh politics’ and show his majengo DNA. He should throw some stones – mutahi ngunyi

I must add: Waititu will be a rocking chair. He will keep us busy; take us nowhere. I am told he was an unsuccessful bank manager. True? – mutahi ngunyi

As for Kidero, he is a blind man, in a dark room, chasing a black cat, which is not there. He is saying the right things to the wrong people  -Mutahi Ngunyi

Waititu is no fool. Kidero arrogance just lost him votes and Waititu simplicity earned him new support base. – Boniface Mwangi

Waititu may not be eloquent but somehow he has some sense in his train of thought…woiye the way kidero is looking at him?  – Lilian Muli

Kidero should learn the attractive appeal of humility, am surprised Kidero didnt spit on Waititu.” Eeeuww!  – Liliam Muli

Kidero has good ideas but his arrogance!  -Cynthia Nyamai

Kidero…ur last chance to change the outcome of this interview and u go with a dry ‘helmets’ joke!? Really?  – Eve D’Souza

at the end of the day the masses don’t care about kideros history class, statistics & fancy jargon. No connection to their issues  – Eve D’Souza

Waititu is a good governor for wife beaters in Kirinyaga! Not for the future of the region! Talk economy and education!  – Madtraxx

I actually don’t mind arrogance and pride. he manages NAIROBI! no bending over for stupid deals. Arrogance is a plus. It’s Nairobi gaddamit!  -Madtraxx

Kidero is arrogant… But so what? The truth about a Nairobi governor is he manages the Capital City of East Africa!  -Madtraxx

let’s just say Waititu was prepared well, Kidero’s handlers have learnt a valuable lesson….. It’s all about perception!  – Robert Nagila

next time @Kideroevans shares a podium with Waititu, I bet he comes across all humble while Clifford now goes on the attack!  -Robert Nagila

Kidero is arrogant…now I agree. That question to Waititu was uncalled for…..  – Lindah Ogutu

so u watching #CORD tv RT @lindahoguttu: …Kidero just lost me……..  – Retweeted by Lindah Ogutu

Ouch! Waititu drops the bomb on Kidero!!! Under the belt.  -Betty Kyalo

Do i have a feeling that Kidero has serious contempt for Waititu!And will that be his main undoing eventually? – Francis Gachuri

 Kidero making the same mistake Mbaru made; underestimating Waititu”Its Simplicity vs Complexion.where are the majority votes  -Francis Gachuri

Kidero is extremely arrogant. He looks down upon Waititu while the latter’s biggest weakness is that he is very divisive – Robert Alai

“First and Foremost” should be Waititu’s campaign slogan!!  – Phillip mwaniki

I am a Kidero fan. And I am very angry, coz I think Waititu has won this debate. I’m even angrier coz Waititu has appealed to me.  – Ferdinand Omondi

Kidero vs waititu#in politics pple dont care how much yu know but rather how much yu care. Have your say!  – Gor Semelang’o

kizungu fluent but huwezi command umani na influence #waititu #kidero am just saying! – Ala C

With Waititu/Kidero sort of interviews #bullseye &Truthmeter may be out of business…  – Kaara Wainaina

But still we ask. Who Do You Think Won The Debate?


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