Miguna Miguna New Book (Kidneys For The King) Cover is Out

January 22, 2013
From the author of the #1 bestseller Peeling Back The Mask, comes another possible best seller, Kidneys For The King: de-Forming the Status Quo in Kenya.
Miguna Miguna will be launching the memoir this February, and it is expected to expose more dirt in the current government. His previous book was mainly aimed at Prime Minister Raila Odinga, but this time round, it is believed that the former adviser to the PM is targeting several politicians, among them Uhuru, Ruto and Mudavadi.
The book will give an analysis of the leading politicians’ track records in public service. Kidneys For The King is expected to retail at Sh 2000. 

Sales of his previous book, Peeling Back The Mask, were greatly reduced when controversial blogger Robert Alai provided a link to a free PDF version of the same. Thousands then received their free copy through email and other form of sharing. This time, Miguna will surely hope there will be no leak.
Here is the book’s cover.

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