Kidnappers Ask For Ransom From A Luopean (Hilarious)

January 21, 2013

How a Luo Would Have Said It
omollo’s son has been kidnapped. he is watching a movie at home. they call the home telephone and the wife receives….

wif: haloo who’s this please?……..­…ghai! baba junia! wamekidnap junia! anasema……

baba junia: darling calm down transfer the call to my apple iphone5..

kidnapper: now listen here, bring 250 thousand shillings in one hour, town, drop it in that yellow dust bin at the corner of tom mboya street….

baba junia: he he he 250 thousand kende jowa?!! mayie yawa!! mimi niwache kuona movie ilitengeneswa na 300 million huko hollywood, nipause hometheatre na LED ya 1.5 million, niamke kwa sofaset ya 1 million, nitembee kwa carpet ya 1 million, nitoke kwa nyumba ya 20 million, niingie kwa prado ya 34 million ati nimebeba 250 THOUSAND pekee yake napeleka town?!! please, criminal, make a better ransom yawa, hata marafiki sangu wakisikia wanasema ‘eyi yawa! hiyo yote!’…..sita­ki aibu!


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