Fake PPO Waiganjo Wins An Oscar – Crazy Picture

January 15, 2013
This Waiganjo will not cease to amaze. After impersonating a senior police officer for 5 years, he has gone ahead and won an Oscar..or someone thinks he should. 
The creative mind behind this photo gives Waiganjo an Oscar for 
-Best Picture
-Best Sound
-Best Actor in a Leading Role
-Best Production Design

And already, his acceptance speech has been drafted.

Thank you acadermy from the bottom of my heart, while growing up in Kenya i would have never imagined a moment such as this would ever come my way. I would like to thank my friend Mbijiwe, Ngugi and Nthiga for their undying support of me. I wouldn’t be here in this Auditoriam were it not for you, those helicopter trips to Baragoi were amazing.

I would also like to thank the entire casting crew of fellow officers serving in similar positions across my home country and specifically in the Rift Valley.

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