15 Things That Should Remain In 2012

January 8, 2013

1. Girls drawing their eyebrows like they’re sponsored by NIKE.

2. Fat Girls In Leggings (this breaks my heart)

3.Pink hair, purple hair, orange hair, green hair. Might as well become a clown!

4. Complaining about how life is treating u!

5. Statuses like “I love my MAN (who asked you? and who fuckin cares? Tell him not us)

6. Updating your Facebook statuses about everything you are doing .Join twitter maybe!

7. Putting your surname as Wayne, Minaj, Bieber etc on Facebook …Nigga please!!! That’s so so local

8. Attention seeking on social networks. Am back did u miss me. (We didn’t notice u had gone…duh!)

9. Really dark skinned ladies putting on blonde weaves ,now some look like walking Duracell batteries aaahhh’

10. Cute girls chilling with ugly girls to make themselves look good…..it’s not fair!


12. Posting photos of children with birth defects and then tell people to LIKE them. Such pics are not worth LIKING. So stop it ASAP!

13. Gudnyt pals! (so? shud we cry?)

14. Am back pals!(so? Where had we sent you?)

15. Am sick! (We are not doctors, go to a hospital!)

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