‘Reformist’ Shebesh Under Attack For Defending MPs 10 Million Send off

October 11, 2012

Nominated Thief ??

Members of parliament yesterday came out gun blazing to express disappointment in Kibaki’s latest decision to refuse to assent a bill that would have seen them take home close to Sh 10 million at the end of their term. 

Some of the most vocal in this debate included the formerly reformist Rachel Shebesh, who recently dumped Raila’s ODM for Uhuru’s TNA. She categorically stated that they would not stop fighting for their rights, totally disregarding the public’s mood.
Her actions were seen as a betrayal to the people, considering that just a few weeks ago, she was seen as one of the most forward thinking member of the house. This explains why she was singled out by Kenyans on social media. 

Cole Nkonge tweeted, “I never thot id say ths bt am actually dissapointd in Shebesh.”
Virtually all tweets about her were negative.
#Shebesh kigeugue mkubwa sana huyu. Some people!!!!  – Paul Mutua

The Irony is that Shebesh is infact no one’s MP! Whom does she even represent? – Humphrey Njuguna
I sleep very disappointed kenyan after watching shebesh chest-thumping protesting presidents declining to sign 9.3 million sendoff package,  – Gilbert Langat

Why do I only just learn of Shebesh’s sheepish utterances? Only now? Why did no one call me? Surely, share the tales of the nits with me! – Marcus Olang

Huyu Shebesh kubonga ujinga ni ka she was elected! ulinominatiwa keti hapa \_ – Edu Muhoro

c hawa #mafisi wako kwa bunge watunyonye polepole. #shebesh n company – Mkenya Mghetto

very disheartening to note none of ths MP’s thot abt doctor’s salary issue…Shebesh hs lost my vote – Nelly Sang

So Shebesh needs 9m to maintain that wig , time she got a shave- Allan Kinyua

shebesh, the end is nigh retard!! we are not going to finance your weaves no more!#KOTagainstmpsbonus – Tees

Shebesh left behind her sobriety in ODM. Please ma’am go bring it back with you – Braiyan

ni kama gate crasher kuzusha juu ya bash .Shebesh na kimbelemble chake na yeye si elect.- Supreme Gream

whoeva votes for that Shebesh lady is just dumb -Leslie
I have lost my repect for Shebesh, although the son is a friend and follows me.  – Ronald Odongo

Nominated MP Rachel Shebesh believes that it’s the right of the under performing Kenyan MPs to loot the public coffers at night! – Jacob Otieno

Oh Shebesh. Your future was so bright. – Planet Realer

dint expect Shebesh to utter such a silly n selfish statement in the house. forkojembe wewe!  – Dan Odioli

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