Caroline Mutoko Peponi Road Experience And Her Subsequent Visit To CMC Motors

October 11, 2012

Mutoko In Love With The Sh 7 Million Range Rover Evoque

Kiss 100’s breakfast presenter Caroline Mutoko is not one to be shown up. Last Friday she posted on her Facebook page her experience with the new Range Rover Evoque.
She wrote, “So there I was doing my rounds before heading home – when on Peponi Road I see a Range Rover Evoque. I chased it, flashed my lights and eventually when the driver pulled to the side of the road and rolled her (yes, HER) window down – I was stupidly tongue and only managed to say, “I love your car”. She laughed for almost a minute, then said ‘You should get one’ and drove off.” 

On Tuesday afternoon, Caroline headed out to CMC Motors where she got a detailed run through of the Evoque and a test drive to boot. “This is not just anybody’s car, it is a milestone car,” Caroline told Word Is, “It is the females car. Victoria Beckham designed the interior. They chose a woman who understands women. It even has a feature for setting the mood.”
Pam Mutua, divisional manager, Jaguar-Landrover of CMC said, “In South Africa, they have to wait for six months after ordering to get the Evoque. It is a hot cake, you have to drive it to appreciate it. It is a statement item.”
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