Uncle Moody Asking For Your Money

moody aworiFormer Vice President Moody Awori has lost a brother, Joshua Ayienga Awori. The late Awori was a retired personnel manager of Caltex Kenya Ltd, and a commissioner of the Anglican Church of Kenya. He will be buried tomorrow, 1st September, at his Funyula home in Busia county. 

What is surprising however, is that the billionaire Awori family is requesting you to ‘mpesa’ them anything you might have so they can offset the funeral expense. In a quarter page obituary on yesterday’s dailies, the Awori family wrote,
“In Order to assist to offset funeral expenses kindly send your Contributions to MPESA 0712-379191”
Moody Awori has constantly appeared on the list of Kenya’s richest persons, with wealth stretching into billions. It is therefore a shame that his family is begging for small contributions on national papers. 
The following are some what Moody Awori is believed to own. 

Major shareholder in UAP and Jubilee insurance
Major shareholder: Eveready East Africa
Major shareholder: East Africa Building Society
Shareholder: Makini Group of Schools
Stake in Macmillan Kenya publishers (Now Moran publishers)
Interest in Da Gama Rose Group of Companies
Here is the actual obituary.

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