Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a’s Glorious Wedding

August 21, 2012

Apostle Ng’ang’a Delivers A Super Wedding

Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre had his wedding featured on Sunday’s episode of The Wedding Show, aired on Citizen TV. The apostle wed Loise Murugi, a member of his congregation, believed to be in her 20’s. The wedding took place some time last month and we had previously reported about it, with little detail.  

The wedding was full of colour and it was clear that the apostle spared nothing for his big day. The venue was Windsor, known for its high flying clientele. The bride’s grown can be safely assumed to have been in the region of hundreds of thousands to millions of shillings. Ng’ang’a was also expensively dressed in a grey suit cum tux. The theme was purple and the maids looked elegant in their dresses. 

During the entire ceremony, Apostle Ng’ang’a seemed the happier of the two. He was lively as ever, either dancing himself out or doing crazy theatrics. During the taking of the vows, he repeatedly said ‘pesa’, when prompted to say I Do by the presiding priest. For the entire ceremony, Ng’ang’a showed high spirits. When he was not dancing, he was lying flat on the green grass, always making sure that he was the centre of attraction. The whole day, the shy bride’s presence was overshadowed by Ng’ang’a’s confidence and antics. 

To make the day as memorable as he could, the Range Rover Sport driving preacher had a full police escort, complete with outriders as part of his convoy. He had also booked the services of several kikuyu gospel musicians. One unique feature of the wedding was the performance by the Vitimbi crew. The apostle himself then did a song that for a moment changed the mood of the ceremony from the previous lively one to one bordering boring. His husky singing voice was not the best addition to the beautiful afternoon. Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, who had joined the guests towards the end then gave a short speech where he said he was pleased that Ng’ang’a was on that day seated waiting to be entertained and not the other way round. Had Kalonzo arrived earlier, he would probably not have made that statement, as Ng’ang’a was in fact the chief entertainer of the day. 
Towards the end, the high table engaged in a period of extensive pouring and washing each other with bottle after bottle of Chamdor. Enough still remained for everyone.

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