It’s Official, Prezzo Representing Kenya At BBA Star Game.

May 4, 2012

Prezzo For Big Brother Star Game.

Yesterday, rumours were flying that Prezzo was to represent Kenya at the Big Brother Star Game. #KenyansOnTwitter propelled #ContestantsBetterThanPrezzoForBBA to a worldwide trend. Guess what, it’s now official. Jackson Makini (Prezzo) is representing Kenya at the BBA. 

The star studded housemates were revealed on an official blog post by Big Brother. The housemates will be competing for $300,000 price tag, roughly KSh 25,000,000. Here is the list of the other housemates.
•Stylish entertainer, stand-up comedian and television pro DKB from Ghana (26)

•Tough, talented rap icon Prezzo from Kenya (32)

•Award-winning songstress Lady May from Namibia (25)

•Boldly dramatic pop music sensation Goldie from Nigeria (28)

•Famed socialite, model and businesswoman Barbz from South Africa (34)

•Unforgettable, highly successful R&B diva Mampi from Zambia (25)

•Unique and hugely popular, soulful musician Roki from Zimbabwe (27)


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