Gospel Musician Ringtone Cons Student.

March 10, 2012
An East African University Baraton student is accusing gospel musician ringtone of conning him. Laban Lekishon claims that he had read about ringtones story of being a street child to a major music player in Kenya. He was so touched that he decided to contact him so that he could come and be the main guest during the launch of his own album.
The two met and put ink on paper. Ringtone would come and headline the launch. Ringtone however failed to appear during the concert but he promised to pay back the down payment given to him after the kitutu Masaba by election (which he would eventually lose). After the by election Ringtone stopped picking up Laban’s calls and one time when the latter confronted the Pamela singer with the contract, Ringtone tore it into pieces. 
Laban had naively not produced copies of the contract, and with his only record of a transaction gone, he contemplated suicide. He however decided to report the matter to the authorities. 
Contacted by the Star newspaper, Ringtone promised not to pay a cent claiming the concert had been cancelled twice. He added, 

“Why can’t he concentrate on his studies and get into music when he is ready to get into music. If he wants me to help him in future I will. All he’ll have to do is pay for transport.

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