Mike Sonko Running Out Of Money?

March 10, 2012

Mike Sonko’ s amount of wealth is a mystery, but it is clearly a lot. He is thought to own several vehicles including a hummer and a range rover. His campaign to get the Makadara sit is said to have cost approximately 150 million. What is surprising is that despite his unlimited shillings, one of his commercial vehicles ( a double cabin bus) has stalled at a petrol station in Naivasha for the last 3 weeks. The bus had ferried Sonko’s supporters to a prayer rally for the Ocampo 2 in Nyahururu. Recently, one of Sonko’s ‘super cars’ stalled on City Hall way after running out on fuel. It was towed to the nearby KICC grounds. Predictably, Sonko denied that his vehicle had ran out of fuel, insisting that all his cars must at any given moment be on full tank.

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