Best Of Kenya Discovers Oil Jokes.

March 26, 2012
Does it get any better. At some point today, #TurkanaOil was a global trending topic, and we think we know why.Here is a quickly assembled list of jokes about the Kenyan oil discovery, lifted from twitter. 
Obama to start addressing Kenya as ‘our allies’
UG ministers bombard Kibaki’s Facebook page with friend requests, call for faster consolidation of East African Community.
Now waiting for carnivore to give us dates for turkana night.
The National Cake just became a BlackForest.

Someone get this #TurkanaOil Trending topic out of the top ten before the Americans discover what’s going on.

” Oil’s well that ends well”- Turkana Proverbs
No Pastor..we cannot change it to Oileluia
GEMA have now changed name to GEMAT so as to be all inclusive
walitudharau who’s laughing now exponential potentOil

Kibaki should declare today a National Oilday


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