Kenyan Entertainer Of The Year 2011.

December 18, 2011

2011 has seen the explosion of Kenyan entertainment industry. To be fair, we could have done better. However, a lot has happened and its that time of the year when we look back and see who really entertained us.
Entertainment has many categories. Sports is also a form of entertainment but will be dealt with on sportsperson of the year category. In Kenya, the one form of entertainment we are sure of having daily, is politics. Though this is not limited to Kenya, our politicians really make us laugh. Some of them do it naturally while others put in plenty of effort. Makadara MP, Mike Sonko is an entertainer in his own rights. He may have put a lot of effort in it, but love him or hate him, he has at times made your night. From the kicking of walls, to the climbing of metal gates. His actions are not been praised here but all the same he has entertained us.

Many Kenyans may have forgotten him but one incident that was on everyone lips, was because of him. A truck driver somewhere along Thika road showed no mercy for a poor police officer who was in the line of duty. The video of the beating was picked up by media houses and it really was funny to say the least. The man at the centre of it may be relatively unknown but he surely made our January.

One of the best local television productions ever has been the XYZ show. Kenyans just love watching it and if you doubt the loyalty, just wait till you hear that XYZ show has one of the most followed  Facebook page in Kenya  with over 130,000 likes. The show has given many a reason to stay home on Sundays. The way our politicians are portrayed is so funny it can’t be explained in writing. The crew responsible for the show deserves to be on the list of best entertainers this year.

Dan Ndambuki had a great year and his show Churchill Live was the ultimate entertainment show this year. He has also been exceptional on radio, as King’ang’i. In 2011, Churchill Live commanded the appearances of the crème of the society, concluding with the prime minister and vice president. Churchill’s ability to keep Kenyans entertained every morning on radio and every Thursday on TV, plus harnessing the powers of other like minded entertainers such as Erick Omondi and JB and also moving across the country mc’ing events and still making the audience laugh is the reason the he is our entertainer of the year. With the New Year, we will wait to see if he will match his achievements this year.

Another big entertainer this year has been Jaguar. More so because of his smash hit Kigeugeu. Many people know the entire lyrics of the song and you can’t blame them. The song was great and if you don’t think so,ask the prime minister.
This is the final list of the top ten entertainers of the year 2011.

1 Dan Ndambuki ( churchill )
2 Jaguar, musician
3 Erick Omondi
4 XYZ Crew.
5 Mike Sonko
6 Daddy Owen
7 Juliani
8 Truck Driver ,who beat policeman
9 Baba Jimmy, his swahili speeches, always funny.
10 Charles Bukeko, ( Papa shirandula )

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