Google Makes It Snow On Your Screen

December 18, 2011
How do you know you are in the festive season? Well, you have your ways. From the Santa clauses outside shopping malls to the seasons greetings on TV, to the countless promotions out there. Well, search giant, Google is giving us a Christmas to remember. For the first time, typing a wish on the search engine will actually be a command.

Try this, type ‘ let it snow’ on Google and see what happens. Google has over the past few years been all creative especially in designing doodles marking events in every country they have a localized domain name and special occassions like remembering people who left an indelible mark in the world. As we wait to see what the Christmas doodle will look like, Google has given as another first.

Typing ‘let it snow’ on the search engine will make it actually snow. Flakes will be seen falling from the ‘sky’, and the screen quickly becomes frosted. The other amazing part is that you can actually wipe your screen as you do on glass windows. Do not do it literally though. Move your curser accross the screen and watch the magic. Alternatively, you can click on the defrost button that replaces the search button.
  This was a first from Google and definitely a break from tradition. Google has created over 1000 doodles and hopefully the snow will herald the start of another way of honouring events.




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