Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Getting Back Together

December 31, 2011
According to reports by MTO, Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together. According to a person close to Chris Brown, Chris believes that Rihanna is his one true love and is determined to get her back, but since the alleged beating, Chris felt that he destroyed all chances. The two are said to have now somehow reconciled and are now speaking to each other over the phone and exchanging sext messages. Supposedly, they are due to meet when Rihanna returns to LA, to see how things go. As all this is happening Chris’ girlfriend is where?

The two former lovebirds are also thought to have been speaking to each other when they resulted to twitter.
CB was first when he tweeted, “Love U more than u know!”
Not to be left behind, Rihanna ‘replied’ ,”I’ll always love u #1LOVE”.

Whether the two tweets are connected or not is a fact that only time will tell.

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