Making the most of betting off season

July 8, 2024

Most of us Kenyans prefer betting on football and for a good reason. We love the game, we’ve been following it for years, and we know the teams and players quite well. It’s fun and can even be (financially) rewarding if done right.

We love betting on the 5 major European leagues: That’s the – English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. These leagues offer plenty of games to bet on, and the quality of football is high.  There’s one problem though; the seasons typically start somewhere in August and end around May.

This means that for about three months, there’s no major league action, leaving a gap in our betting routine. There are still ways to take advantage of the off-season and that’s what we’re going to look at today.

  1. This is the time to take note of those transfers

Players coming in and out of teams will significantly change the dynamics of  the squads next season. Do you know why I don’t place bets in the first two weeks when players are coming from an international break? That’s because the players might still be disoriented from the travel and the different playing styles. 

The same principle applies to transfers. When a new player comes in, they have to adjust to the new team, their tactics, and their teammates. It will take some time for them to gel, and this period of adjustment will affect the team’s performance. Keep an eye on these changes. 

Sometimes bookies undervalue these factors, and this is where you can take advantage. They at times undervalue teams forgetting that the new signings they brought in  might turn out to be game-changers.

During the off-season, look at how new players are fitting in during pre-season matches. Follow team news closely. By the time the season starts, you’ll have a better idea of which teams have strengthened their squads and which ones might struggle due to changes.

  1. Find a new tipster

Football prediction websites like Topbets are good sources for getting informed opinions. Many of them employ professional tipsters who spend their days analyzing games and players. During the off-season, take the time to identify reliable tipsters whose tips align with your betting strategy. 

Look at the kind of reviews people give them on social media, look at how accurate their predictions are during the international friendlies, look at their track record over the past season. A good tipster won’t just give you names of teams to bet on; they’ll also explain why they’re making those predictions.

This is the time to compare different tipsters and understand their approaches. Doing so will help you find one or two that you can trust when the main season kicks off again. 

  1. Diversify your betting portfolio

First, try betting on futures.

What are those? Betting sites like Paripesa and 1xbet allow you to place bets on outcomes that won’t be decided until much later in the future, like the winners of leagues or the top goal scorers. Futures bets can be a fun way to engage with football even during the off-season. They require more patience compared to regular bets, but the potential rewards are often higher.

You can even bet on which teams players will be transferred to. These bets are usually more speculative, but they add another layer of excitement and can be very profitable if you make informed choices.

How about Aviator? That could be another interesting avenue for you. Aviator is a popular online game where you place bets on an increasing multiplier until a plane flies away. It might not be football, but it’s fun.

Even politics can provide an interesting avenue during the off-season.

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