Rainbow Six Siege: Explained

June 18, 2024

Ever wondered what exactly R6 Siege is? Well, in this article, we’ll explain that. We will cover everything you need to know about Tom Clancu’s Rainbow Six Siege, from how the game works to how to rank up, tiers, and even some valuable tips that will assist you in making progress in the game.

But why would we do that? Well, R6 Siege is one of the most challenging FPS games that require lots of strategizing.

This makes it incredibly difficult to the point where many choose to look for R6 rank boosting in Skycoach, especially if you do not have a reliable team! So, stay focused, read on, and explore everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege.

Gameplay Mechanics & How The Game Works

To be able to enjoy R6, you must understand how the game works. Hence, we’ll cover:

  • The game dynamics.
  • The R6 environment.
  • Rainbow Six Siege operators system.
  • Ranking system.
  • Placement system.

Tactical Shooter Dynamics

We talk about tactical shooter dynamics in R6 Siege because the game is an FPS that involves not only shooting but also strategy.

In each match you play, you face an opponent team of five players, so there are two teams: an attacker and a defender.

The tactical elements come with either side, for the soldiers need a strategy that will help them achieve their objectives. So, whether you’re defending or attacking, you’ll need to think of a way to outsmart your enemies before you engage in a skirmish.

These strategies are even more required when you’re playing for an objective like rescuing a hostage or defusing a bomb.

Destructible Environments

One of the best things about Rainbow 6 Siege is that players can influence the environment. This means that while strategizing, you can plan to destroy a wall, break through specific doors, windows, and so on. In R6, you can destroy things like:

  • Ceilings.
  • Windows.
  • Doors.
  • Walls.
  • Floors and so on.

Doing so allows you to create new paths that can be part of your strategy, and this dynamic environment allows for an additional layer of strategy, be it while attacking or defending.

Operator System

When you hear an operator in R6, you should understand the character you’re playing. Each of them looks unique and even has specific abilities and gadgets available only to them. These operators are split into two groups: attackers and defenders. These qualities make them suitable for specific strategies and give them a disadvantage if they’re used poorly.

The operator system is designed to create strategic depth in the game. Therefore, when forming teams, you should pick operators with good synergy suitable for the mode you’re playing.

Ranking System

The ranking system in the game is one of the most important, creating the competitive nature of the game. In R6 Siege, ranks are divided into tiers ranging from Copper to Champion, each consisting of multiple divisions. To advance, players need to earn wins in ranked matches and make their way through the divisions and tiers.

The R6 Siege rank tiers are as follows:

  • Copper V, IV, III, II, I
  • Bronze V, IV, III, II, I
  • Silver V, IV, III, II, I
  • Gold V, IV, III, II, I
  • Platinum V, IV, III, II, I
  • Emerald V, IV, III, II, I
  • Diamond V, IV, III, II, I
  • Champions: The highest rank achieved by the top players in the game, which requires incredible skills.

As we said, you need to win matches earning rank points to advance. Losing eventually diminishes your points and gets you to the opposite outcome. The amount of points you earn or lose depends mainly on your skill level and how many matches you win or lose in a sequence. For example, the more wins you get or lose, the more or fewer points you gain.

Placement Matches

Placement matches are an important part of each season in Rainbow Six Siege because they determine how you start the season. As you can guess, these matches allow you to start high or low based on the number of wins. Therefore, these matches exist purely to assess the player’s skills and place them in the appropriate tiers to fight people of their skill level.

What Can Influence Your Rank

We talked about how earning rank points allows you to progress in the ranking system of R6 Siege, but how exactly? We’ll explain that below.

Player Performance in the Matches

It really matters how well you do in the game. It’s a team game, but players have individual statuses like kills and assists. These can influence your rank progression. By doing better, you may earn more rank points, while performing a poorer performance compared to the team would do the opposite.

The Team Play and Proper Communication

Another factor that may influence your ranking is how well you’re doing in a team play. That means players must be good at communication. It’s crucial because when playing by a strategy, players must be able to adhere to it and execute it properly. This, however, is impossible without a proper means of communication among the team members.

Therefore, one of the most important factors that can influence your R6 Siege rank progression is the ability to communicate and understand your team.

Seasonal Resets and MMR

Like in most games with ranking systems, R6 Siege has seasonal resets and MMR that influence the whole rank tier system.

Seasonal Resets: These influence your rank by renewing it every season. This means that to get your new rank after the new season starts, you’ll need to complete a series of placement matches.

MMR: It’s a type of system that uses the matchmaking rating from a previous system to place you against players of a similar skill level.

Playing against opponents of your capacity will influence the initial ranks by making it fair and square. You won’t play versus players who are too weak or good compared to yourself.

Best Tips for Climbing the Ranks in R6 Siege

Considering our experience with Rainbow 6, we’ve decided to share some of our best tips with you.

Master The Operators:

One of the best things you can do in R6 Siege is master your operator—even better, learn a few of them! Doing so will allow you to pick the best one for a specific map or objective, a character that will suit your team’s strategy.

It’s an important move that allows you to make use of the strengths and weaknesses of various operators in the game.

Learn the Maps in R6 Siege:

Another good move would be to know the maps. No strategy works if you’re unable to use the terrain you’re deployed onto. Therefore, playing multiple matches to learn a map or googling it online is an option. You can even check out popular streamers and enjoy a few videos to learn the tricks on specific R6 Siege maps.

Learn to Communicate:

As we’ve already said, communication is key for executing strategies in this game. Therefore, you must play with a team and establish a clear channel of communication. Learn by playing a few games together. Try to listen, comprehend, and express yourself as clearly as possible to keep your cool and follow the team’s plans perfectly.

Practice and Consistency:

The best way to be good in R6 Siege is by practicing. This means you have to play consistently, learn the maps and operators, and how to create effective strategies depending on the energy movements. Not only that, but you have to practice to improve your aim and reaction time in order to match up opponents in the higher ranks.

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