Miracle Baby Becomes Pastor Mwangi After Divine Anointing

June 4, 2024

Former Gengetone rapper turned Mugithi artist Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle Baby, is now a pastor.

The former member of the Sailors rap group announced his new journey with God on social media, posting photos of himself in a church, bowing as he was being prayed for.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, June 2, Miracle Baby expressed gratitude to Apostle John Paul for officially ordaining him as a pastor. He now refers to himself as Pastor Peter Mwangi.

“I have been approved as a pastor by Apostle John Paul. I will serve God.

“Thank you, Apostle John Paul, for anointing me with oil. I will serve God until the end,” his post read.

The anointing did not surprise his fans, as he had previously revealed his plans to become a pastor once discharged from the hospital.

In a past interview, the Mugithi artist said he would preach in different forms, as he did not yet have a church.

“I said I want to be a pastor and preach; you understand. But preaching comes in various forms. One can preach through songs, because someone like me currently doesn’t have a church or a place to establish one,” Miracle Baby said a few weeks ago.

Speaking from a hospital bed on Monday, February 12, 2024, Miracle Baby affirmed his intention to join the clergy to preach the gospel.

Additionally, he expressed gratitude to fans who contributed towards his medical bills, further stating he was optimistic about being discharged from the healthcare facility.

“Praise God. I’m going to preach. As soon as I’m discharged, I will be a pastor and I will preach. To those who’ve supported me, God bless you. To those who haven’t, I know you’re on your way. God is saying I will leave this place; I may leave either today or tomorrow but one,” he stated.

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