Government Pilots Electric Motorcycle Project for Chiefs

June 11, 2024

In a move that aligns with President Ruto’s commitment to combat climate change, the government has announced the replacement of over 13,000 fuel-powered motorcycles used by chiefs and their assistants with electric alternatives.

This initiative aims to enhance mobility and improve service delivery at both location and sub-location levels across the country.

Speaking at Harambee House during the launch of the pilot phase, Internal Security and National Administration Principal Secretary Dr. Raymond Omollo highlighted the significance of this transition.

He emphasized that it places local administrators at the forefront of grassroots climate action efforts. “By adopting electric motorcycles, we not only improve our administrators’ efficiency but also significantly boost our climate action initiatives at the community level,” Dr. Omollo stated.

The pilot project began with the distribution of the first batch of 22 electric motorcycles, benefiting administrators in Kajiado, Kiambu, Machakos, and Nairobi. Dr. Omollo noted that this initial phase would take one month before a broader rollout, eventually covering the entire nation.

“This initiative, targeting twenty-two locations within the four counties, aims to enhance the efficiency of National Government Administrative Officers (NGAOs) in service delivery, addressing transport challenges, and supporting our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable solutions,” Dr. Omollo explained.

Priority for the new motorcycles will be given to vast counties and remote areas with significant security challenges to ensure ease of mobility for officers. Dr. Omollo acknowledged the current shortage of field vehicles for NGAOs and reiterated the importance of this initiative in improving their operational capabilities.

Furthermore, the Principal Secretary mentioned that the officers would receive training on the use and maintenance of the electric motorcycles before deployment. Periodic refresher training will also be conducted as needed.

This strategic move aligns with the government’s broader efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change while enhancing public service efficiency at the grassroots level.

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