CS Nakhumicha Clarifies New SHA Health Insurance Registration Process

June 11, 2024

Health Cabinet Secretary (CS) Susan Nakhumicha has clarified the registration process for the Social Health Authority (SHA), which will oversee the management of the Primary Health Care Fund, Social Health Insurance Fund, and Emergency Chronic and Critical Illness Fund.

Speaking on Sunday, June 5, Nakhumicha explained that Kenyans will require a smartphone and internet connectivity to register with SHA.

“If you have a smartphone, we will guide you through the registration process. For those with internet access, we will provide instructions on how to log in and register,” the CS said.

Furthermore, the CS highlighted that community health promoters will assist individuals who are unable to navigate the registration process.

“As you may recall, we have deployed over 100,000 of them. For those who require assistance, registration can be done at the nearest social health authority office,” she mentioned.

Additionally, CS Nakhumicha mentioned that Kenyans can also register at the nearest Huduma Services office.

“We are establishing multiple channels for registration. The only instance where a visit to your health facility may be necessary for finalization is to undergo biometric registration,” Nakhumicha added.

The CS also mentioned that NHIF patients will not need to undergo a fresh registration process for the SHA.

She explained that these patients will simply need to verify their details and make any necessary changes before transitioning to the new system.

“So, what has occurred is that the existing data of Kenyans already enrolled in NHIF has been uploaded onto the system. This process will essentially be a confirmation. For instance, I input my ID number. It retrieves my name, Susan Ahmed. It confirms my dependents. I can then confirm these details as I proceed through the process,” Nakhumicha explained.

However, the CS noted that non-NHIF patients will need to undergo a new registration process.

She disclosed that the system has been linked with the National Registration Bureau to facilitate registrations, as it has access to a significant portion of the required data.

“So, it will largely involve confirming your details with a few clicks. Additionally, if you have dependents to add, you can include them during the process,” she added.

The CS stressed that SHA is compulsory, even for individuals with private insurance.

Nakhumicha reiterated that the insurance will offer equal healthcare coverage opportunities for both the affluent and the less privileged.

“This is mandatory. This is social health insurance, and I want to assure Kenyans that it is nearly comprehensive. Yes. For once, we are going to ensure equal access, eliminating the distinction between first class and economy. We all have access to the same benefit package,” the CS emphasized.

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