Akothee Calls Out Posthumous Hypocrisy: ‘Celebrate Me Now or Never’

June 18, 2024

Akothee voiced her frustrations regarding people who wait until celebrities pass away before showing them affection.

Taking to socialmedia, the celebrity singer criticized the phenomenon where celebrities, including musicians and public figures, gain immense fame only after death.

“Everybody is posting rest in peace, they are posting TBT, the photos they took together with the same person but not even one day, off cameras, did they pick up their phones and call to check up on the same person,” Akothee observed.

Speaking to her fans and fellow celebrities on TikTok and Instagram, Akothee declared that when her time comes, she does not want her photos shared by those who did not support or celebrate her while she was alive.

“I don’t want it. If you didn’t appreciate, celebrate, or support me when I am alive, don’t post my photos,” she emphasized.

The businesswoman condemned the hypocrisy of those who post about celebrities to elevate their image and feel relevant.

“It disturbs me quite a lot, because these same people, you don post them on their birthdays, you do not come up to them when they are being attacked or trolled, you don’t follow up on them if they are doing well or not,” she lamented.

Akothee expressed her disappointment that fans show more love and support after celebrities die, questioning where this support was when they were alive.

“When we are alive and entertaining you, where are you?” she questioned.

Akothee at the same time cautioned her fellow celebrities against displaying insincere support upon her death.

She highlighted the competitive nature among celebrities, suggesting that posting photos of her after death is often a strategy to gain likes and comments on their own pages.

“Why are you posting my photos when I am dead? So that people can know one way or the other you associated with me? No, you are posting it for likes and comments because you page is dormant,” she criticized.

Akothee underscored that the true impact of a celebrity’s death is felt by family and those they positively influenced, not by hypocrites who express fake condolences for social media engagement.

“For some, it’s content; for others, it’s mourning a lost loved one. What kind of world are we living in?” she wondered.

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