Ruto Proposes Hosting Grammy Awards in Maasai Mara

May 23, 2024

President William Ruto’s visit to Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, marked a significant moment for Kenya’s creative sector.

During his tour of the film production studio grounds, President Ruto engaged in discussions with various key figures in the American entertainment industry.

One highlight of the visit was securing a commitment from American television personality Steve Harvey to visit Kenya in September and interact with the local industry.

Additionally, President Ruto proposed hosting the Grammy Awards in Kenya, suggesting the iconic Maasai Mara as a potential venue.

The Grammy organizers promised to visit Nairobi in July to discuss the proposal further and explore its feasibility.

President Ruto at the same time publicly apologized to his daughter Cullie for previously denying her the opportunity to pursue film in university.

Reflecting on his visit to the expansive studio, Ruto acknowledged his daughter’s aspiration from eight years ago, admitting his initial reluctance. He stated, “I have a new perspective about what all this is all about. That a whole city a whole investment of millions of dollars can be dedicated to film. This is different.

I now understand about 8 years ago, my daughter Cullie asked me ‘you know I want to do film’. So I looked at her and asked ‘What did you say?’ I must apologise to her today. She was right and I was wrong,” the President said.

Impressed by the facilities and recognizing the impact of enabling spaces for creatives, Ruto highlighted the Kenyan government’s similar initiative, the Talanta Hela Initiative, aimed at monetizing talent.

He expressed optimism about collaboration with institutions like Tyler Perry Studios, emphasizing the potential to support young talented individuals in monetizing their creativity.

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