Policeman Loses AK-47 Rifle During Nap in Gatundu

May 24, 2024

Police authorities have arrested a constable from Karatu Police Station in Gatundu South, Kiambu County, after a loaded AK-47 rifle under his possession disappeared mysteriously on Tuesday.

The constable, Benson Otenda, was overseeing the report office on Monday night before handing over duties to a colleague the following morning around 6 am.

Otenda took his state-issued AK-47 rifle, serial number 5524595, to his quarters and reportedly placed it next to his bed before taking a long nap. Upon waking up, he discovered the rifle missing.

According to a police report documenting the incident, Otenda reported the loss after realizing he couldn’t account for the rifle and its 30 rounds of ammunition.

“It was reported by No.124987 PC Benson Otenda, that he was relieved from his place of duty today at the report office at 0605hrs and handed over to no.249946 PC Leonard Kimani,” a police report indicated.

“Otenda later proceeded to his house carrying his rifle AK 47 s/n. 5524595 without returning it to the armoury and placed it besides his bed and fell asleep. Upon waking up at around 1000hrs he could not find it and subsequently cannot account for the rifle with 30 rounds of ammunition.”

An ongoing operation is underway to recover the lost rifle. The scene was visited by police commanders, and a search team was dispatched as part of the recovery efforts.

“The scene was visited by CIPU commander, SCCIO and OCS Gatundu South. The sub-county team was later joined by county security team comprising the CPC, CIPU and CCIO,” the police report added/

The constable was placed in custody pending further action.

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