Michelle Ntalami Narrates Conversation with God, “A thunderous, beautiful voice called my name…”

May 24, 2024

Michelle Ntalami shared more details about her life-changing encounter with God that led her to salvation.

In a YouTube video, the Marini Naturals founder recounted feeling heartbroken and let down by close friends and others, leading to deep feelings of rejection and being unloved.

Despite undergoing therapy and trying various coping mechanisms, she found no relief. She often coped by disassociating from those who hurt her.

“I always thought I dealt with it, I did therapy, I continued on with life every time I would get heartbroken, you know, get betrayed by someone close to me, or abandoned, I would do the work by my own strength. My main coping mechanism was to disassociate with that person or experience,” she said.

In August 2023, she realized she was slipping into a dark place, feeling as if she had hit rock bottom due to the emotional pain she had endured.

Michelle questioned God about human suffering and recalled hearing scary voices suggesting it was the end of her life.

“I recall this one time I was by myself in that moment, and I heard very scary voices or thoughts in my head telling me that this is the end of my life, my best days are behind me, and I can forget about ever having a bright future and I could just see so much darkness,” she said.

She clarified she was not suicidal but felt a sense of impending doom.

Her life changed when she cried out to God for help and salvation. She described feeling an overpowering rush of love and light, hearing a thunderous voice calling her name three times.

“In a sense I was telling the Lord, please receive my spirit and where I’ll go after this life, please make sure I am with you, if you are indeed real, please just receive me.

“In an instant, I felt the most overpowering rush of love and light engulf me! A thunderous, beautiful voice called my name “Michelle” 3 times. He blinded me and threw me to the floor. In that moment, knew I was in the presence of the Lord! Then God said, ‘Yes, I am real,” she narrated.

Ntalami described a profound experience where God assured her of his presence and showed her visions about her life.

“Yes, I have seen your pain and I have been there through it all. Yes, I AM. Then, for about an hour, God showed me visions, and spoke to me about so many things in my life. The depth of this entire conversation and experience cannot be put in words. I will share in time,” she recounted.

Michelle mentioned that she shared this experience with the public out of obedience to God, believing He wanted her testimony to impact others.

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