SAY LESS: A new digital phenomenon is sweeping the Kenyan internet. But what exactly is it?

April 26, 2024

A new digital phenomenon is sweeping the country and many are not aware of what exactly is afoot – but the excitement is palpable.

On X, the conversation appears to have taken a life of its own as thousands of Kenyans appear to have jumped onto the train with many wondering what exactly could be happening, when is it happening and what the entire movement could really be based off.

Titled #SayLess, the conversation centres around digital scanning, which then, it has been rumoured, will usher Kenyans into an idyllic world of bliss and unparalleled technological advancement.

Already, #SayLess has become a hot topic on X – a cursory glance at the hashtag will reveal a myriad of activities from hundreds of X accounts with many using the tag to create memes, ask rhetorical questions, create banter and seemingly gear the country for what promises to be an impending blast.

Insiders from the movement have intimated to a smattering of news channels that the implosive digital blitz will be experienced on Monday, April 29, but have not divulged much details.

“The impact will have far-reaching effects,” the source said. “Kenyans will need to wait and see… It will be a game-changer!”

Accompanying the entire seismic marvel is a conspicuous red poster with few but covert wordings. It’s written: “Scan The Movement. #SayLess”. The artwork also features people walking down a street – it also bears a QR code imagery.

Whilst some are guessing it might be a political movement, or some sort of life-changing international occurrence, some are crossing their fingers as the day draws near…

And just like the movement, we feel the need to #SayLess lest we spoil the party – alot, definitely, shall be said later.

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